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Ø1500mm Gannet Navigation Buoy

The G1500 Navigation buoy has a large visual daymark with a nominal focal height of 2.3m. The Gannet buoy range is a modular design with a unique central core steel arrangement connecting the lifting eyes to the mooring eyes for superior strength and durability.

Red JFC Marine G1500 Gannet Navigation Buoy in use

Ø1500mm Gannet Navigation Buoys

The buoy is manufactured using marine grade (UV Stabilised) polyethylene material.

The central core design includes two mooring eyes fitted with a unique replaceable bushing system, extending the operational life of the buoy. The use of a twin bridal mooring provides greater stability and mooring flexibility when used in locations with fast water currents. The centre core is fitted with two lifting eyes for ease of manoeuvrability during installation or servicing.

Available in all the IALA recommended colours and configurations with optional daymark cone or can shape.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from marine grade (UV stabilised) virgin polyethylene
  • Solid ballast plate adding extra protection to the underside of the buoy hull
  • Reduced hydrodynamic drag and the watch circle (swing radius)
  • 316 Grade stainless steel top mark hand rail
  • Fitted with two large lifting eyes for ease of installation and during maintenance
  • Mooring eyes (bridal system) for increased stability in harsh marine environments
  • Mooring eyes fitted with replaceable sacrificial wear bushings
  • Stands upright on the deck of vessel for ease of storage on site
  • Modular design making it easier to replace damaged parts if necessary
  • Slip resistant surface on hull deck
  • Replaceable sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection
  • Open central core for data applications available
  • All JFC Marine Buoys are manufactured using 100% recyclable material


  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 : 2015 quality assurance systems
  • Full Certification to EN 1090 CE Marking of Steel
  • JFC Marine is a member of IALA (Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and lighthouse Authorities).
  • JFC buoys and lanterns are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines.


Ø1500mm Gannet  Navigation Buoy


Nominal Focal Height

Nominal Height

Nominal Draft

Nominal Weight

Top Marks
In accordance with IALA Maritime Buoyage System

In accordance with IALA Maritime Buoyage System

Life Expectancy
Up to 20 Years

Lantern Options
Self-Contained Lanterns, Lantern only option on request

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