Aquaculture Navigation

We supply a complete range of Navigation Aids for safe marking your aquaculture farm. These solutions include Navigation Buoys, Solar Marine Lanterns and Polyethylene Marker Posts.

Aquaculture farms should be marked in accordance with IALA Recommendation O-139 on The Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures and the IALA Maritime Buoyage System.

  • Farms are normally marked by special marks, lateral or cardinal marks
  • Channels between aquaculture farms should normally be marked with lateral marks
  • Radar reflectors and reflective material should be considered to increase visibility

The most commonly used navigation buoy for safe marking aquaculture sites is a Special Mark. This comprises of a yellow buoy or post with a St Andrews cross. The lantern would be yellow/amber in colour with a range or 1-3NM or greater depending on the location and local requirement.

We also manufacture a range of product solutions to the Aquaculture sector including Long line Mussel Floats, Purification Tanks, Shrimp Graders, and Hatchery Tanks

  • A range of navigation buoy sizes are available to suit all locations and environments.
  • Full range of lightweight solar marine lantern with ranges from 1 to 5NM
  • Navigation buoys can be used for Fish Aggregating Devices
  • Specifically designed mooring systems for all JFC Buoys
  • Polyethylene marker post sleeves
NAV02 Navigation Buoy in use

Navigation Buoys

JFC Marine Lanterns

Navigation Lanterns

JFC Marine Aquaculture Navigation Posts

Aquaculture Navigation Posts