We offer a comprehensive range of aids to navigation for temporary navigation for safe marking of construction zones.

Our Marker Buoy range are small and light weight for easy deployment and commissioning. We offer a full range of solar Marine Lanterns that meet the IALA requirements for the temporary marks.

  • Low cost
  • Small and lightweight, easy to handle
  • Buoy can be fitted with a range of solar powered LED lanterns
  • All fixings are 316 stainless steel
  • Fitted with lifting eyes for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Buoys available from stock for immediate delivery to site
  • All JFC Marine Buoys are manufactured using 100% recyclable material
JFC_Marine Special Mark Navigation Buoy in use

Navigation Buoys

We offer a range of Navigation Buoys from Ø600mm to Ø3000mm, complete with a variety of Solar Marine Lanterns to suit.

JFC Marine Bridge Lantern in use

Marine Lanterns

We supply a range of Navigation Lanterns which are reliable, long-lasting and a cost-effective means to increase nautical safety.

Man on ladder carrying out JFC Marine Lantern Tower Maintenance & Servicing

Lantern Support Structures

We fabricate a wide range of lantern support structures from structural steel with a galvanised or stainless-steel finish