Ports & Harbours

We specialise in the engineering, design and manufacturing a range of AtoN solutions for the safe guidance of vessels into ports and harbours.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of polyethylene Navigation Buoys which are designed to offer easy installation and provide a low maintenance cost solution to marine navigation.

Our navigation buoy range in size from Ø600mm to Ø3000mm in diameter and come complete with a range of solar powered Marine Lanterns to suit all requirements.

Our systems and equipment have been installed globally, marking safe passage through hazardous waters and shipping channels and providing vital Navigation Marks for a variety of marine installations.

  • High visible solution
  • Range of Navigation buoy options
  • Full range of self-contained marine lanterns or externally powered lanterns is available.
  • Specifically designed mooring systems for all JFC Buoys
  • Port Entry Lighting systems (PELs) (wide Horizontal and vertical divergences)
  • Monitoring and control system
NAV02 Navigation Buoy in use

Navigation Buoys

We offer a range of Navigation Buoys from Ø600mm to Ø3000mm, complete with a variety of Solar Marine Lanterns to suit.

JFC Marine Lanterns

Marine Lanterns

We supply a range of Navigation Lanterns which are reliable, long-lasting and a cost-effective means to increase nautical safety.

JFC Marine Aquaculture Navigation Posts

Lantern Support Structure

We fabricate a wide range of lantern support structures from structural steel with a galvanised or stainless-steel finish.