Support Structures

We design and manufacture a wide range of beacon support structures. These structures are manufactured using structural steel, 316 stainless steel or marine grade aluminium.

In addition to the beacon structures we supply a wide range of top marks available in polyethylene or steel material.

All structures and top marks are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines.


Structural Beacon Towers

JFC Marine Top Marks

Top Marks

Navigation Post Sleeves

JFC Marine Beacon Tower

Structural beacon towers

We fabricate a wide range of structural strength beacon towers within our manufacturing facility at Tuam. The tower is made from structural steel with a galvanised or stainless-steel finish. Tower structures can be painted or plastic coated if required. Each tower can accommodate a safe working area, ladder, safety cage, solar power attachments and battery housing requirements.

We can tailor our design according to the required specification, location and budget costs for any given project.  All towers are manufactured in accordance with the IALA Maritime buoyage system.  


Top Marks

We fabricate a wide range of Top Marks for existing posts, with a stainless-steel or galvanised finish mounting structure and a polyethylene navigational mark. Top Marks can either be painted or plastic coated if required.

The Top Marks are designed to increase day time visibility and accommodate lanterns. We have designed the Top Mark to reduce solar shadowing on the lantern and increase the lantern visibility at night. The Top Mark is available in a range of sizes which can be used on existing channel buoys, data buoy and beacon towers structures etc.

All Top Marks are manufactured in accordance with the IALA Maritime buoyage system.   


  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 : 2015 quality assurance systems
  • Full Certification to CE EN1090
  • JFC Marine is a member of IALA (Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and lighthouse Authorities)
  • JFC buoys and lanterns are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines
Marker Post Sleeve

Navigation Post Sleeves

We manufacture polyethylene sleeves for your existing navigation posts. These sleeves effortlessly slide over existing poles eliminating the need for expensive painting maintenance on beacon structures.

Offering high visibility characteristics, these sleeves aid aquaculture operators in marking out the boundaries of their licenced site in accordance with the requirements of their aquaculture licence. Our navigation post sleeves are ideal for tidal areas and marking safe channels through aquaculture farms.

Suitable for existing poles up to external Ø60mm. The sleeves have a standard lantern flange built-in so there is no further fabrication to your steel post is required.
The sleeves are available in a range of colours with a range of top marks as per IALA guidelines.