Offshore Wind Farms

We specialise in the engineering design and manufacturing a range of AtoN solutions for the safe guidance of vessels during construction phases of windfarm projects.

Pre-Construction Solutions

Aids to Navigation Markings

We manufacture a comprehensive range of polyethylene Navigation Buoys which are designed to offer easy installation and provide a low maintenance cost solution to marine navigation.

The Navigation buoys ranges from Ø600mm to Ø3000mm in diameter and are supplied with a range of solar powered Marine Lanterns to suit all requirements. Lanterns are available with Monitoring and Control system, AIS, GSM & Satellite communications.

Monitoring Buoys

We offer a complete range of Data Buoy platforms suitable for a wide range of monitoring at sea.

  • Wave Monitoring (Height and Direction)
  • Environmental Monitoring (Turbidity / Hydrocarbon ETC)
  • Meteorological Monitoring (Wind Speed & Direction, Barometric pressure, Temperature, Humidity ETC)

Mooring Buoys

We offer a range of Mooring Buoys suitable for a mooring vessel at sea.

  • High visible solution
  • Range of navigation buoy options
  • Full range of marine lantern self-contained or external power system
  • Specifically designed mooring systems for all JFC Buoys
  • Monitoring and control system
JFC_MARINE_Seagull Navigation Buoys

Navigation Buoys

We offer a range of Navigation Buoys from Ø600mm to Ø3000mm, complete with a variety of Solar Marine Lanterns to suit.


Marine Lanterns

We supply a range of Navigation Lanterns which are reliable, long-lasting and a cost-effective means to increase nautical safety.

Water quality buoys in use

Data Buoy Range

We offer a complete range of Data or Met Acquisition Buoy, floating structure solutions.

Two men lifting a JFC Marine Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoys

We have designed and manufactured a range of mooring buoys from Ø1200 to Ø3000mm for the safe mooring of vessels at sea