Aquaculture Navigation

We supply a complete range of Navigation Aids for safe marking your aquaculture farm. These include Navigation Buoys, Lanterns and polyethylene Marker Posts

NAV02 Navigation Buoy in use

Navigation Buoys

JFC Marine Lanterns

Marine Lanterns

JFC Marine Aquaculture Navigation Posts

Navigation Post Sleeves

Aquaculture farms should be marked in accordance with the IALA Maritime buoyage System

  • Farms are normally marked by special marks, lateral or cardinal marks
  • Channels between aquaculture farms should normally be marked with lateral marks.
  • Radar reflectors and reflective material should be considered.

Depending on the size and shape of the farm the minimum marking arrangement may range from a light in the middle of the aquaculture farm for small farms (sides or diameter ≤ 500) to lights and daymarks on corners or sectors on farms where sides are greater than 900 / 2,500 metres or radius greater than 2,000 metres, as shown below.

Sample marking system for offshore aquaculture farms