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Mooring Buoys

We have designed and manufactured a range of mooring buoys from 1200mm up to 3000mm in diameter. These mooring buoys have been used for the safe mooring of vessels at sea.

JFC Marine Mooring Buoy in use

Mooring Buoys

The modular design is made up of polyethylene segments around a structural steel centre core galvanised frame. The steel centre core is engineered and designed to increase the overall strength of the buoy when moored at sea. The polyethylene segments reduce the overall weight of the structure which allow for easier installation and reduced costs. The polyethylene segments reduce the risk of damage to your vessel on impact to the buoy.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular buoy design
  • Structural steel centre core
  • Flexible mooring attachments, shackle, quick release
  • Buoy can be fitted with a range of solar powered LED lanterns
  • Impact resistant
  • Mooring calculation on buoys are available


  • Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2015 quality assurance systems
  • Full Certification to EN 1090 CE