Aquaculture Production Solutions

We supply a range of production solutions for the Aquaculture sector. Our pioneering mussel floats are ideal for inshore and offshore locations and are proven in the most demanding conditions. Our product offering also includes Purification Tanks, Hatchery Tanks, and Shrimp Grader Trays. In addition, we supply a complete range navigation aids for the safe marking of your aquaculture farm.

JFC Marine Single Line Mussel Floats

Single Line
Mussel Floats

We offer two single line float options from 40L up to 250L.

JFC Marine Double Line Mussel Floats

Double Line
Mussel Floats

We offer a range of double line float options from 80L up to 400L

JFC Marine Navigation Buoys

Aquaculture Navigation

We supply a complete range of Navigation Aids for safe marking your aquaculture farm.

Aquaculture Boxes

Our durable Aquaculture boxes offer a practical storage solution for marine and aquaculture needs.

Purification Tanks

We have introduced a range of purification containers which are used for the purification of shellfish or crustacean meat.

Shrimp Grader Trays

Our Shrimp Graders were designed and developed in consultation with BIM to standardise market sized shrimp.

Abalone Tanks

Our Abalone tanks have been specially designed so that they mirror closely the natural environment for abalone on rocks and reefs.

Sea Urchin Tanks

Our Sea Urchin Hatchery tanks are designed to deliver an effective system that harvests sea urchins in a cost-effective manner.

Marine fish net bin

Fish Net Bins

Our Fish Net Bins are strong and durable, making them ideal for harsh marine conditions.