Navigation Buoys

Ø1500- Ø3000mm Steel Navigation Buoys

We manufacture and design a range of steel navigation buoys.

JFC Marine Seagull Navigation Buoys SG3000

Steel Navigation Buoys

Steel Navigation Buoys

Our dedicated team of in-house R&D specialists can tailor design and manufacture buoys to customer specific requirements. All JFC Marine Steel buoys are made in accordance with IALA guidelines.


Features & Benefits

  • Steel Skirt design with steel ballast and lattice day mark
  • Manufactured to suit lanterns, Racons, AIS, etc.
  • Hull Structure – manufactured from 10mm steel plate
  • Built-in ladder and safety ring for additional safety during maintenance of electronics
  • Day mark – Steel lattice daymark design manufactured to customer specific requirements
  • Buoy Hull and Day Marks painted with marine grade paint.
  • Air tested as standard


  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 : 2015 quality assurance systems
  • JFC Marine is a member of IALA (Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and lighthouse Authorities)
  • JFC buoys and lanterns are manufactured in accordance with IALA guidelines