Remote Monitoring & Control Systems


An AIS AtoN is an AIS transceiver designed specifically for installation on marine Aids to Navigation (buoys, etc.). It transmits the position of an Aid to Navigation and can be interfaced to a wide range of sensors such as metrological and hydrological devices as well as with the lantern and other equipment located at the point of installation.

JFC Marine Lantern with AIS



The unit is available in both Type 1 (transmit only via FATDMA channel access) and Type 3 (transmit and receive using RATDMA channel access) configuration. The LGA unit supports all the standard AIS message types.

Integrated AIS Lanterns

Products that can be supplied with integrated AIS are LED 160 AIS, SC 160 I AIS and SC 160 II AIS with an integrated GPS antenna and external VHF antenna included.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved maritime domain awareness
  • Accurate real-time monitoring of buoy positions in all weather conditions
  • Dynamic marking of shipping lanes
  • Instant marking of new hazards with virtual AtoN projection feature
  • Automatic alerts in the event of buoy or lantern malfunction
  • Support both message 21 and message 6
  • Supports up to 10 virtual Atons