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VRL-74 Range Lantern

This range light has a 3° divergence on the horizontal and vertical plane, with a wide angle of centre intensity and a sharp cut of at higher angles.

JFC Marine_VRL74

VRL-74 Range Lantern

The Mini Array is available in 6 formats from 1 to 6 lenses. It is programmed as a single unit and can operate day only, day and night, or night only. Day and night intensity are separately programmable. The minimum night intensity is approximately 3% of the maximum intensity of the VRL-74 Mini Array

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple effective intensity settings for both day and night operation
  • Range & divergence flexibility
  • Day/night transition level settings
  • Programmable flash characters
  • One unique customer programmable flash character
  • Synchronisation control, master/slave options
  • Low voltage cut out
  • Automatic Schmidt-Clausen intensity correction for short flashes


Up to 21 Nautical Miles

267mm (L) 208mm (H)