Port Entry / Range Lanterns

Precision LED PEL-6

The PEL-6 Sector Light has been designed to operate day and night, and to provide a 24-hour signal from a single source. There is no need for separate day marks or more than one tower.

JFC Marine_PEL6

Precision LED PEL-6

Up to 6 Nm by Day & 24.8 Nm by night

Between 3.5º to 20º Horizontal Divergence

The PEL-6 carries a 24 V DC 250 Watt halogen lamp and is capable of 6 NM daylight range (at a horizontal subtense of 3.5 degrees).

The actual range depends on atmospheric transmissivity and background lighting.

Features & Benefits

  • The PEL-6 is visible from up to 6 Nm during the day and up to 24.8 Nm at night.
  • The design provides the capability to customise the light to suit the exact requirements of any sector light application in any environment.
  • With a sealed enclosure, built from gunmetal (marine-grade bronze) and stainless steel, the PEL-6 will survive use in rugged marine environments without further protection.
  • The optical system is designed to maximise the amount of light available from the lamp, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
  • This together with a six lamp auto changer ensure that the PEL-6 can operate with minimal maintenance.
  • Suitable for solar power, (the PEL-6 operates from 24VDC), the light can be flashed to further reduce power consumption.


Day Range: up to 6 NM
Night Range: up to 24.8 NM

PEL-6–3.5D: 1929 (L) x350 (W) x420mm (H)
PEL-6–5D: 1893 (L) x350 (W) x420mm (H)
PEL-6–7.5D: 1288 (L) x350 (W) x420mm (H)
PEL-6–10D: 1209 (L) x350 (W) x420mm (H)
PEL-6– 15D: 975 (L) x350 (W) x420mm (H)
PEL-6–20D: 872 (L) x350(W) x420mm (H)

PEL-6–3.5D = 110kg
PEL-6–5D = 114kg
PEL-6–7.5D = 105kg
PEL-6–10D = 91kg