Port Entry / Range Lanterns

VLS-46 LED Sector Light

The VLS-46 is ideal for harbours with narrow or difficult approaches. The modular design allows up to seven projectors to be placed side-by-side. This can be used to create unique sector angles, flash patterns and intensities.

VLS-46 LED Sector Light

JFC Marine VLS-46 JFC Marine VLS-46

Range 1.6-3.0 NM (by day) 19NM By Night

The VLS-46 has been designed to take advantage of the latest LED technology available.

Features & Benefits

  • Peak intensity from 14,800 cd
  • Large vertical divergence for visibility by all types of vessels.
  • Only one tower is required, compared with range lights. This reduces the installation and maintenance cost by half.
  • Sectors are adjustable. Each projector can be individually adjusted to the width required for the application, within the limits defined in this brochure and product manual.
  • Maintenance free design (no moving parts) will save money and time.
  • Lightweight marine-grade aluminium construction makes the unit light and easy to handle.


Day Range: 1-3NM
Night Range: 19NM

Mounting Dimensions
2 Projector Mount Plate: 730 x 524mm
3 Projector Mount Plate: 748 x 705mm
5 Projector Mount Plate: 740 x 931mm

Projector Weight
5° Projector: 2.4kg
10° Projector: 2.3kg

Mounting Plate Weight
2 Projector Mount Plate: 5.9kg
3 Projector Mount Plate: 8.3kg
5 Projector Mount Plate: 13.2kg