Remote Monitoring & Control Systems

Light Guard Monitoring

With LightGuard Monitor you can monitor coastal sections or large seaports with hundreds of objects as well as smaller working ports or marinas with only a few stations. 

JFC Marine light guard monitoring process steps

Light Guard Monitoring

Web-based remote monitoring software

This modern and clearly designed software interface allows all stations as a simple list or on an electronic chart. It gives the user the most relevant information for each station always in view, such as the station name, the display light on / off, the current communication status and any alarms. The native sorting function also gives quick access to stations with a reported alarm. With a superuser or admin access, you get direct access to the configuration of the currently selected station

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Features & Benefits

  • All required technical components for remote monitoring are fully integrated in the new product line
  • Independent of operating system
  • Modern, clean interface - map display with vector-based charts - optional real-time AIS display for possible fleet management
  • Supports one- and two-way communication
  • High data reliability through redundant servers
  • Secure two-factor login
  • Easy integration of new stations
  • Simple licensing model