LED Marine Lanterns

Rotating Lantern VRB-25

The VRB-25 LED is a high intensity rotating beacon suitable for ranges up to 25 nautical miles.

VRB-25_JFC Marine Rotating Lantern

Rotating LED Marine Lantern

Rotating LED Lantern VRB-25 

This long range rotating beacon comes in 6 or 8 panel versions. Each panel on the VRB-25 is individually controlled, which provides greater versatility when compared to traditional rotating beacons. Each panel can be a different colour or panels can be turned on and off to create a variable flash character. In addition, multiple LED chains can be used on each panel to allow for redundancy should a fault occur in one of the LED chains.The control electronics via slip rings are based on the system used in the original incandescent version of the VRB-25.  

Features & Benefits

  • Weatherproof enclosure suitable for external mounting
  • Constant-current LED drivers
  • Direct-drive brushless motor
  • 1 to 15.9RPM rotation speed with 240 increments
  • Day and night intensity is adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Automatic day/night detection
  • Programmable low-voltage cut-out
  • Selectable master/back-up operation mode
  • Digital inputs/output
  • RS232 port


Up to 25 Nautical Miles

507mm (h) 482mm (Ø base)

43kg for single tier unit (Add 15kg for each tier)