Port Entry / Range Lanterns

Precision LED PEL-4

The Precision LED PEL (PEL-4) is energy efficient and uses significantly less power than an incandescent PEL. 

JFC Marine PEL-4_10D

Precision LED PEL-4

Virtually maintenance free, the design combines modern optics with Vega’s extensive experience to provide very sharp sector boundaries and impressive range. It also offers true oscillating boundaries to provide the best feedback to mariners about their position within sector. 

Features & Benefits

  • Horizontal divergence available from 3.5° to 10°*
  • Constant-current LED drivers
  • Day and night intensity is adjustable from 0.3% to 100%
  • Automatic day/night detection and change-over
  • Programmable low-voltage cut-out
  • Selectable master/back-up operation mode
  • Digital input/output
  • RS232 port
  • Optional oscillating boundary


PEL-4–3.5D: White: 350,000cd, Green/Red 77,500cd
PEL-4–5D: White: 225,000cd, Green/Red 50,000cd
PEL-4–10D: White: 91,000cd, Green/Red 20,200cd

PEL-4–3.5D: 1918mm (L) 321mm (W) 370mm (H)
PEL-4–5D: 1534mm (L) 320mm (W) 366mm (H)
PEL-4–10D: 969mm (L) 320mm (W) 366mm (H)

PEL-4–3.5D: 47kg
PEL-4–5D: 35kg
PEL-4–10D: 32kg

Mounting Plate Weight
2 Projector Mount Plate: 5.9kg
3 Projector Mount Plate: 8.3kg
5 Projector Mount Plate: 13.2kg