Port Entry / Range Lanterns

OMNI Directional LED Sector

ODSL 200 omni-directional sector light is an innovative, compact new sector lantern with accurate sector borders. 


OMNI Directional LED Sector

The ODSL 200 lantern is equipped with a replaceable LED optical unit. The range of the lantern, depending on colour and flash character, is between 6-10 nm (Tc = 0,74)

Features & Benefits

  • The sectors are fully verified at Sabik photometric range prior to delivery
  • Field installation is easy thanks to a rotation mechanism in the base
  • Precision alignment, at site, can be done with a gun sight
  • After installation sector alignments remain unchanged even if the LED optical unit is replaced
  • Lantern can be delivered with an external weather cover
  • The standard sector light is available as a 3 or 6 layer model
  • Small area of uncertainty between the sectors, typically less than 0.5 deg
  • Integrated flasher with day light switch and a controller equipped with a 16 ampere solar panel charger
  • Programmable with Sabik standard IR programming devices
  • The lantern can be equipped with remote monitoring, synchronization and optical feedback
  • Patented omni-directional led sector light technology
  • Equipped with Bluetooth programming


6-10+ Nautical Miles

313mm to 586mm (H) 412mm Base (Ø)
Mounting Base 200mm (Ø)

3 Tier 10.5kg / 6 Tier 13.4kg / 12 Tier 22.4kg